Kent - Guitar * Julio - Keys * Gary - Drums * Jimmy - Bass

About the Band

KingBeat is the quinessential classic rock band for your high school reunion, celebration, special event, corporate party or night club gig. Based out of Broomfield, Colorado, for over 26 years KingBeat's polished renditions of classic rock songs have entertained audiences up and down the Colorado Front Range.

In the beginning . . . KingBeat was originally named Ripchord. It was formed by brothers Kent and Jimmy Richardson in the spring of 1982. Julio Edwards joined in 1985 and James Denny Townsend in 2012..

In the 1970's the Richardson brothers were in several bands in high school. Jim Osborne was their drummer when they played with the band Blitz in the mid 1970's. Blitz later became Castaway, which was the precursor to KingBeat is 100% reliable, punctual, and thoroughly professional when it comes to providing your entertainment!! They work with your event coordinator to tailor their huge songlist (over 250 songs) to meet the requirements of your audience or your special occasion. KingBeat is one of the few bands that can go from Jimi Hendrix to Jim Reeves, from the Beatles to the Everly Brothers, from Led Zepplin to Floyd Cramer without dropping a beat!

And if you need World Music for your even, keep Star Edwards and KingBeat in mind!

Make sure you contact them today for an estimate for your entertainment needs!!

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KingBeat c/o Enoch Productions
PO Box 18464, Denver, CO 80218

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KingBeat also gigs with Celtic harpist Star Edwards
performing World & Folk Rock music

The boys in the band . . .

Kent's guitar playing is the envy of many rock bands. His extreme virtuosity allows him to perform a variety of styles from Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix to jazz tunes by Miles Davis to Yakety Axe by Chet Atkins. His lead vocals and harmonies are among the best in Colorado and allow him to sing tunes ranging from soulful blues of Eric Clapton's Born Under a Bad Sign, to the high range of John Fogerty's Old Man Down the Road.

Kent has performed with several other bands including the Linda Storey Band, Jazzerilla and the Star Edwards Band.

Kent has released three CDs: Galaxy Girl in 2009, Beams from Venus in 2003 and Mustangs to the Moon in 1997. All three feature KingBeat’s members on many of the tracks. His Fender guitar collection was featured in Fender Guitar Magazine.

Kent Richardson
Kent Richardson-Guitar & Vocals
Jimmy Richardson
Jimmy Richardson-Bass & Vocals

Jimmy's bass performance is the backbone and solid foundation of KingBeat's pulsating
rhythm. Recently returning from his solo
tour in China, he brings the international influence of the new millennium to KingBeat's sound.

Jimmy has performed with several other bands including Moving Targets, the Linda Storey Band, Jazzerilla, the Star Edwards Band and the Irish band, the John O'Gods in Holland and in Denver at the Irish Festival, the Soiled Dove and Fidos.

Jimmy excels in both electric and acoustic bass. He also sings lead and backup vocals.

Julio's keyboards add the depth and texture to the KingBeat sound that make it number one. His Hammond organ and spinning Leslie speaker insure that authentic classic rock organ tone is present when KingBeat is bringing the crowd to a frenzy.

The former bandleader of Sequel, his hit
song Getting Short was featured on the Slaves of Society’s Far East Tour. He is also a founding and current member of the Star Edwards Band.

Julio produced the Extended Play disc Shades After Dark (by the band Sequel), the Arc of Promise CD, The Emeral Crossing CD, and Star Edwards and KingBeat's new CD, Sonic Travels, and ten years of the Spiritual Spectrum TV Series.

Julio's vocals are said to be as crisp as Van Morrison's with a range equalling that of Brian Seltzer of Stray Cats fame.

He is a Vietnam-era vet who served 4 years in the US Army in the 3d Armored Division, 101st Air Assualt Division, and US Army Detachment at Lowry Air Force Base. He currently is an IT Professional and music producer.

Julio Edwards
Julio Edwards-Keyboards & Vocals

Gary Osburn
Drums and Vocals

Gary' drum beat is the cornerstone of KingBeat's tight and cohesive sound.

He has performed with many Colorado bands over the decades, including The Osburn Variety Band, Trinity, The Best, Sequel, Off the Wall and several others. He has toured the US and Middle East performing with DOD tours for our troops stationed overseas.

Gary is also an excellent lead and backup vocalist who plays bass guitar and keyboards, and writes oustanding orginal songs. He also performs with the Osburn Variety Band with his brother Darrell, and on occassion with his sisters Pam Osburn and Karen Osburn, both in different bands.

Special acknowledgement: KingBeat has been fortunate over their 28 years together to have some of Colorado's finest drummers perform with them, including James Denny Townsend, Jim Osborne, Chuck Valentine, Michael Myers, Tony Pantelos, Larry Neuman and Neil Bratz.

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