Kent - Guitar * Julio - Keys * Gary - Drums * Jimmy - Bass

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Set four at Rev Buzzweeds, Dacono, CO



Star Edwards and KingBeat
Harp Rock Music
August 10, 2012
Live at the Denver County Fair
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In 2010 Star Edwards and KingBeat teamed up to create a new kind of music, combining the Celtic harp with a four-piece rock band. This is an exciting combination that delivers an upbeat, foot tapping sound. It features originals by Star, Kent and Julio along with some of their favorite songs. Delivered with contemporary interpetations we create music that blends the rhythm of the heart with the spirit of the world. We call it World Harp Rock, and it includes Celtic, Folk, New Age, Rock and Roll, World and Fusion Rock.

The below songs were recorded live at The Tomodachi Concert to
raise money for the children of Japan after the 2011 Tusnami.

Read more about it. Check out the poster.


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